2016 Cameroon

  1. Teenage pregnancy awareness program for teenagers
    In November 2016, BleekerFoundation will be organizing a 5-day teenage pregnancy awareness campaign in the southwest region of Cameroon. During this campaign, teenagers will be provided with culturally competent sex education, teenage development awareness and access to teenage-friendly healthcare services, communication skills training life style workshop and counseling. After this campaign BleekerFoundation aims to open the first center for health education in the south west region of Cameroon.
  2. Teenage pregnancy awareness program for parents and other adults
    BleekerFoundation will organize a three days seminar for parents, head of primary and secondary schools, head of hospitals and local law keepers. During this seminar the effect of teenage pregnancy to the society will be emphasized and the participants will be given the needed tools to help the teenager’s combat teenage pregnancy.
  3. Self-sustainability project for teenage mothers
    BleekerFoundation has two teenage mothers attending the RHIMS. After graduation, they will become state registered nurses and they will be self-sustainable. BleekerFoundation Cameroon branch is busy recruiting other teenage mothers. Teenage mothers are being identified through local churches, orphanages, common initiative groups, hospitals and school counsellors. 25 teenagers mothers will start school by september 2016. 

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